Cfast Fixed Braces

Achieve a beautiful smile with Cfast, a fast and effective orthodontic solution that focuses on straightening your front six teeth, the ones visible when you smile.

Fast Front Teeth Alignment

Straighten your front six teeth with a fast and effective orthodontic solution. Cfast is a fantastic cosmetic treatment that uses fixed braces on your ‘social six’, the front six teeth that appear most when you smile.
Cfast can be used to correct crooked teeth and gaps.

Using clear brackets and tooth-coloured wires, Cfast moves the teeth twice as quick as clear aligners. They are also non-invasive and moves the root at the same time as the visible tooth, shortening the treatment time.

What does treatment involve?

During the first appointment of the treatment, we take scans or impressions of your mouth so we can retrieve precision measurements of your teeth. These can help us predict how your mouth will look after the treatment.

Your brackets and wires are custom-made at the lab. When these are ready, we invite you back for your fitting. We will give you advice on how best to maintain and clean your braces during the treatment.

We will see you regularly to assess how the treatment is progressing. Once your teeth have moved to your desired position, we remove the braces and provide you with a custom retainer. You will need to wear the retainer at night to prevent your teeth from slipping back into their original position. For more information visit the Cfast Website.

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Will I need further treatment after the root canal treatment?

The dentist will always fill the hole in the tooth after the root canal treatment. However, in some case the tooth may need a crown to protect the tooth, reducing fracture risk. Root filled teeth tend to be significantly weaker than healthy teeth and are prone to fracture. Not all teeth need crowns after root canal treatment, but it is common for the back teeth that do most of the chewing to need a crown after completion of  root canal treatment. Your dentist will advise.

Is there on-site parking at your practices?

The Llanthewy Road practice has some on site patient parking.

All of our other practices have ample parking facilities nearby.

Can any dentist carry out root canal treatment?

Yes, all dentists have training in Endodontics (the subject that covers root canal treatment). However, some dentists choose to continue with extensive post graduate training in this field, using advanced treatments, commonly with aid of a microscope. They also perform many more root canal treatments than the average general dentist? As a result, they tend to have a significantly higher success rate across the board in both complex and simple cases. It is not uncommon for a general dentist to offer the patient the choice of having them do it or referring it to a practitioner with more training and expertise if they feel the latter will offer a high chance of success. In some cases, the general practitioner will feel that a case is beyond their skill set and refer to a suitably qualified colleague.


What treatments can I have with a laser?

The Waterlase iPlus® can be used to carry out multiple procedures in and around the oral cavity:

Periodontics (gum disease treatments): The laser can assist in treatment of moderate to severe gum disease with the minimally invasive Repair Perio Protocol, as well as killing bacteria and help preserve gum and bone health.

Smile design: Provides a state-of-the-art procedure for reshaping and redesigning smiles.

Surgical procedures: Eliminates the need for conventional surgical tools, with a gentler solution with little to no (in some cases) anaesthesia, simplifying a variety of soft tissue surgical procedures from frenectomies to polyp removal and biopsy.

Implants: Gains effective access to disease sites below the gum to decontaminate infected implant surfaces.

Restorative dentistry: Patient friendly restorative procedures for cavity preparation without the use of traditional handpieces. * Please discuss suitability with one of the dentists providing a laser service.




What are the benefits of root canal treatment?

Saving your tooth with a root canal has the benefits of:
• A better bite and more efficient chewing.
• Keeping your natural teeth.
• Protecting your other teeth from wear and tear.

How much does root canal treatment cost privately?

The cost of root canal treatment is variable and depends on the complexity of each case. This complexity is influenced by type of tooth, its position in the mouth, what condition it is in and also to a lesser degree the patients’ medical history. You will be made aware of the cost of
treatment before embarking on the treatment.

Can I have Invisalign?

The answer is often yes, although in some cases Invisalign may not be the best or most cost effective to treat your crowding problem.

Seeing our experienced orthodontic team, led by specialist orthodontist Will Fitzpatrick, we are be able to give you advice on all the different options,  and help you choose the best solution.

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