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Years Experience


Expert Clinicians


Dentistry Qualifications

Group Clinical Directors

  • Dr. David Cox
    Group Clinical Director & Lead Implant SurgeonGDC No: 65106
    BDS (Cardiff Dental School, 1990), MSc (Dental Implantology, 2014)

    David, a skilled dentist, graduated in 1990 and gained experience in various dental roles before forming the Cox & Hitchcock Partnership in 1999 with Bob Hitchcock....

  • Dr. Robert Hitchcock
    Group Clinical DirectorGDC No: 69354
    BDS (University of Newcastle , 1993)

    As our practices have grown, I have now ceased providing clinical dentistry to concentrate my time on practice development and growth. I also take the role of clinical lead in supporting all of our clinicians providing the highest standard of care that we can....

Associate Dentists

  • Dr. Vinny Vaithianathan
    Associate DentistGDC No: 112790
    BDS (University of Bristol, 2007), DipImp (Dental Implantology, 2012)

    I have a keen interest and have extensively studied occlusion (the way teeth bite together), treating people with Temporo-Mandibular Disorder (TMD), relieving headaches, pain and improving function of the dentitions. ...

  • Dr. Kevin Burford
    Clinical Lead in EndodonticsGDC No: 74636
    BDS (Cardiff Dental School, 1998), BSc (Hons) PGDip(Endodontics)

    I have a special interest in all aspects of Endodontics, notably root canal treatments, traumatology, restoration of root treated teeth and diagnosis of pain. I hold a post graduate diploma in Endodontology via the Simply Endo group in conjunction with the University of Chester....

  • Dr. Joe Broad
    Associate DentistGDC No: 229075
    BDS (Hons) (Cardiff Dental School, 2012), Certificate in Advanced Facial Aesthetics (ORIS Medical), CFAST training in short term orthodontics

    I have a specific interest in using composite bonding and ultra-thin porcelain veneers as minimally invasive techniques for improving Smile aesthetics and more specifically addressing worn teeth. I have completed countless courses over the years in cosmetic restorative dentistry including teaching under the Frank Spear and Ian Buckle teaching academies....

  • Dr. Mays Mahdi
    Associate DentistGDC No: 251307
    BDS (Cardiff Dental School, 2014)

    Since 2015, Mays has been an exceptional member ofour team, serving at both Llanthewy Road and Cardiff. She takes pride in transforming smiles and building meaningful relationships with her patients....

  • Dr. Ernish Patel
    Associate DentistGDC No: 229751
    BChD (Leeds Dental School, 2012)

    Erny, a graduate from Leeds University, brings a wealth of experience from his posts in Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery. After practicing across South Wales, he joined Cox and Hitchcock in 2019....

  • Dr. John Anderson
    Associate DentistGDC No: 186972
    BDS (Cardiff Dental School), MJDF

    I have a passion for restorative dentistry and a desire to provide the most up-to-date care....

  • Dr. Joshua Carbis
    Associate DentistGDC No: 259172
    BDS (Cardiff Dental School, 2015)

    I enjoy providing smile makeovers for my patients and provides a wide range of cosmetic treatments. Mainly, tooth whitening, tooth straightening, composite bonding and porcelain veneers. I can also provide anti-wrinkle treatment from the practice....

  • Dr. Rebecca Williams
    Associate DentistGDC No: 115038
    BDS (Cardiff Dental School, 2007)

    My practice is focused on private dentistry as it enables me to pursue high standards of restorative and prosthetic dentistry. I am part of the cosmetic team which is where my passion lies....

  • Dr. Katy Robinson
    Associate Dentist GDC No: 114378
    BDS (Cardiff Dental School, 2007), MJDF RCS (Eng), PgDip (Clinical Aesthetic Injectable Treatments)

    Since 2007, Katy has been an esteemed member of our team, serving patients at our Newport and Cardiff surgeries. Her expertise spans general dentistry, with a particular focus on cosmetic treatments....

  • Dr. Matthew Helmich
    Associate DentistGDC No: 301879
    BDS (University of Bristol, 2022)

    I recently joined the team in 2023. I first qualified in biomedical science at the University of Plymouth before completing further study to graduate as a dentist from the University of Bristol. After this I then spent a year training in Bridgend before returning to Newport. What I enjoy most about working as a dentist […]...

  • Dr. Lewis Mainwaring
    Associate DentistGDC No: 302097
    BDS (Cardiff Dental School, 2022)

    Lewis graduated from Cardiff University in 2022 and subsequently completed his foundation training in Pontypridd, before joining Cox and Hitchcock Dental Group in 2023. Lewis enjoys developing good relationships with his patients and delivering quality dentistry in a calm and relaxed environment. He is passionate about all aspects of dentistry and has a particular interest […]...

  • Dr. Frazer Gregory
    Associate DentistGDC No: 301953
    BDS (Plymouth Dental School 2022)

    I enjoys all aspects of general dentistry and pride myself on having excellent rapport with my patients....

  • Pravesh Kumar
    Associate DentistGDC No: 297971
    BDS 2007(Manipal), MDS Prosthodontics 2010 (AIIMS, New Delhi) INDIA GDC ORE Statutory exam 2023

    I enjoy all aspects of dentistry. Keen on learning different cultures and languages....

  • Dr. Carlie Cummings
    Associate DentistGDC No: 245095
    BDS (Cardiff Dental School, 2015)

    I graduated from Cardiff Dental School in 2013. Since then I have completed 4 years of postgraduate training in multiple specialties within the University Dental Hospital in Cardiff, including Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Oral Medicine and Restorative Dentistry....

  • Dr. Patricia Simpson
    Associate DentistGDC No: 290694
    BDS (University of Central Lancahire, 2020)

    I enjoy all aspects of dentistry but specifically love helping patients overcome their dental anxiety and fears, helping them grow in confidence in their dental journey, at their own pace. It’s one of the most rewarding parts of my job. My ethos of practice is to provide the highest standard of care to all my patients in a warm and comfortable environment...

  • Dr Yasfim Haque
    Associate DentistGDC No: 77518
    BDS (Cardiff Dental School, 2000),MFDS RCS (London, 2004), PgCert (Dental Law 2022), PgCert (Medical Education, 2019)

    Yasfim, who joined us in 2016, has diverse experience in Oral Surgery from prestigious hospitals in London, Oxford, and Sydney. She teaches and works at our Cyncoed practice....

  • Dr. Sara Jafar
    Associate DentistGDC No: 284401
    BDS (Cardiff Dental School, 2019 )

    As a general dentist, my aim is to provide high quality treatment in all areas of dentistry. My main passion is centred around providing a calm and relaxing environment for all my patients....

  • Dr Hannah Perry
    Associate DentistGDC No: 259442
    BDS (Cardiff Dental School, 2015) PgDip (primary Dental Care, 2017)

    I enjoy providing general dentistry under the NHS and privately and the variety this provides. I particularly enjoy helping nervous patients to overcome their fear of the dentist!...

  • Dr Atif Hussain
    Associate DentistGDC No: 73469
    BDS (University of London, 1997), MPH (Wales, 2003), DPDS (Cardiff University, 2007)

    Atif, part of our team for two years, focuses on helping patients achieve dental fitness. He finds fulfilment in witnessing the positive outcomes of his support and efforts....

  • Dr Sian Gorshkov
    Associate DentistGDC No: 70657
    BDS (Cardiff Dental School, 1995)

    Sian, a valued member of Cox and Hitchcock since 2001, thrives in our vibrant, bustling practice. With a dedicated team, she delights in caring for both loyal and new patients....

  • Dr Sarah Jenkins
    Associate DentistGDC No: 153643
    BDS (Hons) (Cardiff Dental School, 2008)

    I enjoy all aspects of general dentistry and take pride in providing high quality care with a focus on patient education and prevention and enabling patients to have confidence in their smiles....

  • Dr Gabriella Leatherdale-Tiba
    Clinical Lead in PeriodontologyGDC No: 214556
    DMD (2011), MSc (Periodontology, 2022)

    I treat patients with periodontal disease referred to me by other dentists both with conventional therapy (root surface debridement, bone regeneration surgeries) as well as using laser (waterlase) where it's necessary....

  • Dr. Rose-Marie Davies
    Associate DentistGDC No: 63379
    BDS (Cardiff dental School, 1988)

    Rose-Marie Davies, a graduate of Cardiff Dental School in 1988, trained for general dental practice in Oxford for a year before returning to South Wales....

  • Dr. Catherine Collypriest
    Associate DentistGDC No: 79522
    BDS (Cardiff Dental School, 2001)

    I enjoy general dentistry as it is challenging and enables me to work across a number of dental practices on a wide range of patients. I also have a keen interest in both restorative dentistry and in making dentures....

Orthodontic Team

  • William Fitzpatrick
    OrthodontistGDC No: 104053
    BChD England 2006 (Leeds) MScD (Wales) MJDF DDHSLM RCSEng MOrth RCSEd. Orhtodontic Specialist

    Will is originally from Gibraltar and qualified in dentistry from Leeds University in 2006. Following several years working as a general dentist, he went on to work in Oral & Maxillofacial surgery and then as a restorative clinical teaching fellow at Leeds Dental School. During this time working in hospitals around the UK he obtained […]...

Dental Technicians

Dental Therapists

  • Hannah Whitcombe
    Dental TherapistGDC No: 289952
    BSc DHT (Cardiff University, 2023)

    Hannah is a  Dental Therapists here at Cox and Hitchcock.Before qualifying as a dental therapist Hannah was and worked as a qualified dental nurse for almost 7 years, before making the decision to go back to university.Hannah graduated from Cardiff University in the summer of 2023 with a first-class honours degree.The favourite part of Hannah’s […]...

  • Nia Condon
    Dental TherapistGDC No: 304639
    BSc DHT (Cardiff University, 2022)

    I value gaining new skills to better the treatment of my patients....

  • Judith Wiles
    Dental TherapistGDC No: 296007
    BSc DHT (Hons), (Cardiff University, 2021)

    I particularly enjoy helping anxious patients achieve their dental goals by working with them to overcome their fears with patience and compassion....

  • Victoria Bentley
    Dental TherapistGDC No: 253716
    BSc DHT (Cardiff University, 2022)

    My favourite part of the job is getting to know my patients and helping anxious adults and children overcome their dental phobias....

  • Bonnie Jones
    Dental TherapistGDC No: 119521
    BSc DHT ( University of Cardiff, 2021)

    I enjoying treating all types of patient and relish the challenges that operative dentistry provides....

  • Ceri Colwill
    Dental TherapistGDC No: 117757
    BSc DHT (Cardiff University, 2019)

    I am a caring and compassionate person which allows me to build a strong rapport with patients, working closely with our excellent team of nurses and putting patients at ease, which is of particular importance when dealing with nervous patients....

Dental Hygienists

  • Charlotte Walsh
    Hygienist GDC No: 275819
    BSc (Hons), (University of Portsmouth, 2023)

    Charlotte qualified from the University of Portsmouth in 2023 with a BSc in Dental Hygiene. Before studying Dental Hygiene, Charlotte worked as a dental nurse and has over eight years experience in many different aspects of dentistry. Charlotte enjoys helping anxious patients, making them feel more comfortable throughout their appointment. In her spare time Charlotte […]...

  • Farzana Akhter
    Dental HygienistGDC No: 295655

    I spend a lot of time with patients, to educate and encourage them to maintain excellent periodontal health....

  • Yamini Tanoj
    Dental HygienistGDC No: 282195

    I help in educating patients about their oral health and the aids that help them to achieve the best results....

  • Cheryl James
    Dental HygienistGDC No: 6740
    Dip DH (Cardiff University, 2005)

    I enjoy my role helping patients to maintain their teeth for life....

  • Sally Hooper
    Dental HygienistGDC No: 4717
    Dip DH (Cardiff University, 1994)

    I'm passionate and motivated in helping patients with their dental health. Encouraging them their use of daily toothbrushing and interdental cleaning....

Periodontal Team

  • Dr Gabriella Leatherdale-Tiba
    Clinical Lead in PeriodontologyGDC No: 214556
    DMD (2011), MSc (Periodontology, 2022)

    I treat patients with periodontal disease referred to me by other dentists both with conventional therapy (root surface debridement, bone regeneration surgeries) as well as using laser (waterlase) where it's necessary....

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Orthodontic Teeth Straightening

If you are unhappy with a mis-aligned smile why not ask your dentist about the options that are available to improve it.

Root Canal

Root canal treatment relieves pain and saves natural teeth by removing infected tissue from the root canals. It is a highly skillful procedure involving the cleaning, disinfecting, and sealing of the canals to restore oral health and minimise further complications.

Composite Bonding

Discoloured, misshapen or crooked teeth can often be improved with the modern technique of composite bonding.


We know how distressing, and often painful, a dental emergency can be, so we will always try to see you as soon as we can.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is an effective treatment to brighten and enhance your smile by applying a safe whitening gel to your teeth. Stains are oxidized, resulting in a whiter and more radiant appearance.


Veneers offer a solution to radically improve the appearance of discoloured, misshapen or mis-aligned teeth.

Other Dentistry

We offer comprehensive care, including a daily emergency service (with a dedicated clinic in Newport), Laser Dentistry, 3D digital radiographic imaging, 3D intra-oral imaging, facial aesthetics, PRGF/LPRF, and many other treatments.

Restorative Dentistry

Our natural-looking restorations repair, conceal imperfections, and replace damaged teeth caused by trauma, gum disease or decay. Regain confidence with our restorative treatments for a beautiful smile.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Transform Your Smile with Cosmetic Treatments: Whitening, Veneers, Implants, and Orthodontics. Achieve a fresh look or a complete mouth makeover with our attractive solutions.

Hygiene Services

Gum disease, the leading cause of tooth loss, often goes unnoticed until it’s too late. However, with early detection, disease can be treated and stabilised. Book an appointment today with one of our hygienists.